After reading this book, I understood how the rich get richer...

A friend of mine bought this book for me...out of the blue. No hints, no elbow nudges, nothing! I had it in mind to get a copy of the book for aaaages. Never got round to it. Then to my surprise my friend hands me a copy of "Rich Dad, Poor Dad" as a present. Now the reason I was so grateful, was that it gave me an insight into the way that rich people view money and the flow of money. #priceless

I like this YouTube thing

The world is always evolving and many people, including myself, feel as though we just can't find the time to read chunky looking books. Luckily, there are some people who have read it and summarised it. So over I go to YouTube and I find this:

But there was a slight issue...

I was hyped after reading "Rich Dad, Poor Dad". I really started to focus my thoughts on putting what I had read into practise. The contrast between my thinking before and after was so vast I was trying to hit a home run and get out of the rat race asap.

The thing is...I was thousands in debt and I needed to sort it out. I got further inspired by the board game "Cashflow" which is also from the author of "Rich Dad, Poor Dad", and put together a budget planner to track my finances. It helped me track my money and I set up a plan to become debt free.

That budget planner has now evolved into the Personal Money Tracker which you can access today here. (You'll also find out how debt can be a good thing too)

Remember I mentioned the vast contrast in thinking? It's partly why I wrote "Don't Do What I Did" as a little bridge between coming from a position of being an employee and getting your finances in order, to following the path of a "Rich Dad".

Oh, can get listen to the audio version of "Rich Dad, Poor Dad" on YouTube here. Enjoy.

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