When it comes to money you can only be in one of three states:

Sinking, Drifting or Cruising

Once you identify which state you are in, you can take the necessary steps to change things. There's a tool we've put together that will show you which state you're in and help you track your money like a pro.

There are some aspects of money some people may not be aware of and this means we don't always make the best decisions. We'll touch on some of the thought patterns that don't help us improve our money situation and go over some of the things you need to know before you start to make more money. ​


On top of this, some people won't have taken the time to fully analyse their expenses, so although a budget planner will be a "best guess" of their situation, they are likely be spending about as much as they earn, and this will continue for years...


Spark Your Magic Money Mindset


What does The Magic Money Mindset include?

Money Management Modules

Going through each of these modules will equip you with awareness of key ideas for better money management:

1. Sinking, Drifting, Cruising

2. Punch Debt In The Face

3. Waternomics

Online Money

Management Tools

These tools help you track and monitor your money so you can easily make changes to the way you are using your money, and improve your situation:

The Personal Money Tracker

True Cost Of Having A Car

Goal Funder

You can also buy

easy to read guides

"Don't Do What I Did" is aimed at adults of all ages and "Seeds" is aimed at ages 8+

Both books are design to be easy reads to help others avoid some of the mistakes and traps I fell into. There are also other recommended books as part of your journey.

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The Past

After University, I got a job in Finance, but that didn't stop me from getting myself into over £38k of debt through multiple loans and credit cards, especially after hearing one of the worst sentences I could have ever heard from a work colleague...

The Present

I was fortunate enough to be introduced to a couple of key finance ideas and principles which helped me start my journey to reverse my debt situation and go on to write two books on Personal Finance, create finance workshops and help others towards their goals.

The Future

Helping people just like you establish whether they are Sinking, Drifting or Cruising. Not just individuals and families but organisations too. Getting to people as early as possible so they can avoid as many of the money traps and mistakes as early as possible.

 My Story 

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